Health Belief Model: The Health Belief Model

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The health belief model was formulated during the 1950s by some social scientists who wanted to understand why few people responded to a campaign for tuberculosis (TB) screening. A free public tuberculosis screening program provided had attracted only a significant participation of people, therefore this health belief model came as a result of a response to this failure.
The health belief model tried to explain the impact of an individual's perception and attitude toward a disease and how those perceptions and attitudes impacted their health-related decision-making. The health belief model is a great tool for nurses, offering a way to help patients prevent chronic disease or, if disease is present, improve quality of life. The health belief model contended that when a person believes that he / she is vulnerable to a health problem with grave repercussions, he/she will more likely agree that the benefits outweigh the stumbling block …show more content…

As key providers, nurses should provide extensive patient-centered resources and education to help patients recovery. The health belief model can help nurses understand why, and how to help modify the plan to increase the patient's chance for good health through behavioral change. Bearing all these factors in mind, a nurse can use the health belief model to help a diabetic patient to manage their diabetes. Lifestyle Changes to Control Your Diabetes.
•Eat healthy- what you eat affects your blood sugar, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains Choose nonfat dairy and lean meats. Limit foods that are high in sugar and fat. Remember that carbohydrates turn into sugar, so watch your carb intake. Try to keep it about the same from meal to meal. This is even more important if you take insulin or drugs to control your blood

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