Health Care Expansion

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Temple Living Center East Expansion Michelle Grey-Karl HCS/446 Facility Planning January 23, 2012 Ryan Haywood, MBA Temple Living Center East Expansion Within the world today there are different types of health care facilities to serve the different types of individuals and health care conditions. Temple Living Center East is a long-term care facility that serves the individuals who requires prevention, healing, and rehabilitative nursing care services for non-acute, long-term environment for the elderly. Temple Living Center East will be working on updating the secure unit for the individuals who require special care because of the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. There will be several tasks that should be completed before the…show more content…
This is just a few items along with the new furniture, lighting, windows, flooring, paint, and wiring. With these updates this will help the individuals feel more at home and less confused in this secure environment. Temple Living Center East will be granted a budget of $150,000 and with the flooring costing an estimate $48,000, electrician cost of $5,000, electronics $10,000, paint $3,000, lighting $5,000, skylights $6,000, labor $6,000, update the furniture for $5,400, artwork $2,000, and bathroom remodel $30,000, which is an estimated total of $116,400. The corporate construction will be doing most of the work for the remodel therefore the cost will be reduced since this company is part of the Trisun team. Also A+ Electric is the company that follows through with the maintained on all four of the Trisun buildings in Temple, Texas so most of the work will at a discount cost. Finally, Skylight Direct will be installing the four skylights in the open commons area for the patients. Therefore, this will leave $33,600 left over for any incidentals with an overall timeframe of six months to have the remodel completed. For all of this to happen it will require for the corporate stakeholders and financial department to agree to the budget, and remodeling project. In addition to the facility staff and patients to handle the remodeling around the increase care that will be needed to maintain the patients’ safety
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