Health Information Technology And Population Health Management Industry

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Professional Summary:

Experienced Business Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the Health information technology and population health management industry. Over 6 years of experience in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Business analysis, project management and Healthcare administration, Microsoft tools, Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Public Speaking and Strong research professional with an ECFMG certification and focused in Medicine. Graduated as a physician from the Indian medical school. Well versed with good working knowledge of interpretation and implementation of various quality measures like HEDIS, ACO, GPRO, PQRS and ECQM. Strong Knowledge in international coding standards like ICD, LOINC and SNOMEDS.
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I also develop and create logic using Decision trees which analyze the data and produces results necessary for interpretation and submissions. For the purposes to customize this automation tool we also developed a process to create a test bed where all kinds of scenarios can be tested. I am involved actively in creation, testing and updating of these test scenarios.

Trainings attended:
During my course of work, I have been actively involved in different training and development activities. I am trained in Business analysis and project management. Our work cycle transitioned to agile methodology recently, so I was trained in agile methodology. I also got an opportunity to get trained in different products offered by Nextgen and Mirth like Next pen, HQM, HER portals.

Role and Responsibilities: As a Requirements engineer and a Business Quality Analyst, I was responsible for analysis of performance, safety, clinical, and compliance data and information.
• I was actively involved in aggregations and reporting of data and information to effectively analyze and determine opportunities to improve outcomes and/or processes.
• I assisted Quality team members in the maintenance of an organizational performance measurement system (quality, clinical quality, patient safety, risk management, case management and utilization management) and database, including assisting in the
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