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Health on the Internet
Oluwaseun Sijuwade
Tennessee State University

What kind of information can you acquire at each of this sites? Why can’t you get even more detail information. gives detail information based on different segments such as, find a doctor, find a facility, health library, health forum, and health blog. Information are revealed on how individuals could find the best doctor for themselves and their families. Ten top doctors were listed in Different great facilities were also listed in in which patient were given chance to post comments. There are lots of doctors who are ready to answer any health related questions right away online: 179 doctors were available to …show more content…

This is probably because patients tends to write information about the physicians or the care they received base on their experience on websites. ( is loaded with information about the state of Tennessee compared to and which only contain information about health. This website, provides general information and can also answer questions about how to find a doctor or facilities through live chart. Care and driving, communities, education, children and families are highlighted under Residents. Also one can find information such as existing business, new business, licenses and permit, and doing business under the section, business. Another segment is government where information about the state, state employee, local government and federal government can be found. Drivers and driving, licenses and permit, and taxes can be found under services. The last but not the least is department directory, state phone directory, local directory and others which are categorized under directory (

Many physicians are unhappy with these sites especially those that allow any patients to add personal comments. More than a thousand physician now ask their patients to sign a legal form that promises not to public any unfavorable information about the physician or care received.
Physicians provide care based on their educations and experiences, and if patients do not feel like

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