Health Promotion And Health Policies

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Health promotion empowers individuals throughout awareness to improve and acknowledge their health. Its main focus of an individual is to embrace their capabilities and skills they possess and the attempt to change in regards to alternating environmental, economic and political conditions to then weaken the impact it has on one’s health and likewise, populations. The outcomes that health promotions will need in order for one ’s self to take control over their health and improved results would be:
Not just treat their illnesses, but strategies on how to prevent it
Provide individuals access to resources and opportunities to reach a level of optimal wellbeing
School and community health education should be incorporated
For the purpose of protection from harm, legislation, policies and economic conditions should be added

The aims of health promotion is to advocate to the public different methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyles and attributing to positive, overall wellbeing of an individual. In regards to WHO’s goals and objectives, they aim to develop equity in health, decrease health risks, convey more awareness in terms of healthy lifestyles and resolving the determinants of health. In other words, determinants of health are referred to an individual and the socioeconomic, sociocultural as well as environmental factors that lead to both positive and negative influence on the health-of themselves and the population. Some of the essential determinants of health are the…

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