Health Promotion And The Field Of Nutrition

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In the field of nutrition, health promotion is a very meaningful issue that is often discussed among various health professionals. Nutrition goes beyond the scope of merely food. It encompasses and addressed a vast number of food-related issues. Some of these issues may be related to a healthy diet and lifestyle that encourages optimal health and wellbeing, food insecurity, disease prevention, agriculture and many more that I will be discussing further on. Looking further into various nutritional issues, we can also relate nutrition to numerous social, psychological, economic and religious factors. Although my main field of study is nutrition, the subject touches upon a lot of the general issues of health and well-being. It is important to note that health promotion and the field of nutrition can be interrelated on two different levels. These levels being: individual motivation and community advocacy to promote health and nutrition. Individual changes may include small challenges such as diet and life-style, whereas community changes can be much more complex, ranging from support groups to neighbourhood development. As follows, I will be discussing in further detail, why nutrition plays such an important role in community development and health promotion.

To begin, nutrition shares a lot similar features, values and principles with those of health promotion. First and foremost, having a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is a large part of health promotion in Canada.
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