Health Protection And Health Promotion

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When focusing on health protection and health promotion, it is important that people involved have an idea on what the specific aims are. The first aim of health protection and health promotion, is to considerably improve the health of the entire UK, this means that the factors which are leading to health deterioration need to be recognised and people need to be educated to be aware of this. Another aim of health protection and health promotion is to reduce the health inequalities within the population. Health inequalities include things such as the reducing the amount of people smoking, this will then leads to other diseases such as coronary heart disease and cancer becoming less common. Other health inequalities include improving the quality of support for children, improving nutrition, improving housing quality and preventing teenage pregnancies by educating teenagers and offering them contraception. The majority of these issues are trying to be sorted out but it is very challenging due to the huge numbers of people who still live like this.

Health Promotion
Health promotion promotes the right behaviours which should be carried out by people to ensure that they are leading themselves into good health. It encourages people to change the way which they behave, to give up any habits which are affecting their health, it makes them look at it from a different perspective. This negative and undesirable behaviour is changed to new behaviours which result in the person having a

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