Healthcare Differences Between The United States Of America And France

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Healthcare Differences Between the United States of America and France
There are a variety of structures of healthcare systems throughout the world. With living and being educated within the United States of America (US), it is imperative that analysis of other countries healthcare systems as well as comparisons between the US system and the system of another country occur. For this paper, the US healthcare system will be analyzed and compared to the healthcare system in France. In general, all countries include a form of both private and public health insurance (Chua, 2006).
United States of America Healthcare System Structure. As previously mentioned, all healthcare systems have both private and public …show more content…

In comparison, healthcare providers are focused on the quality of healthcare in the sense of the accuracy of the health outcome as their primary concern; health insurance companies are more interested in the cost-effectiveness of the healthcare being provided and if the consumer is “paying into the system” (Duke University, 2016). If said consumer is benefiting from employer-based insurance, the employer would then become a stakeholder with their involvement in cost-effectiveness to keep their employees healthy in order to continue working, turning a profit (Duke University, 2016). Finally, the overall head over most of the stakeholders is the government, who decides on the federal budget and other planning relating to the expenditure in healthcare, in addition to regulating the healthcare industry with laws and regulations. Strengths & weaknesses. One of the largest strengths of the US Healthcare System is its strong private insurer companies, which facilitates ready services for those with secure coverage, as well as encouraging medical innovations and cutting-edge technological advances to improve healthcare and quality of life (Capretta, 2009).
Looking at major health indicators of countries, the US is in the middle which makes it difficult to classify it as a strength or weakness. For example, in 2015, the US ranked approximately 31st in the world with 79.3 years of life expected at birth (World Health Organization [WHO], 2017b), far lower

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