Healthcare Management Personal Statement Examples

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Looking further ahead, a collaborative, interconnected model of care delivery is emerging and along with it, is a closer link between healthcare business and patient health. The challenge therefore is how can an organization position itself for clinical and business success. Hence, systematic approaches by leaders are essential to prepare the industry for the future. My objective is to increase my readiness for the ongoing change and responsibility that lies ahead of us and help build an innovative infrastructure that would enable us to meet the current demands of healthcare.

Having completed my relevant studies in Healthcare Management, Which was such a rewarding experience, I am poised with the foundation for effectiveness to face new and exciting challenges a fellowship would present. With the implementation of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), I see it as an opportunity to gain insight into the practical demands and dynamics of today’s healthcare. My career is highlighted by demonstrated accomplishments in academics, healthcare and research. These experiences have provided me a unique blend of lessons and skills, which tested both my strong leadership skills and strategic orientations and gave me exposure to clinical and ethical curricula, which are imperative for success in today’s dynamic
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This would help me to be more skillful in creating a vision of the future in collaboration with key stakeholders with a focus on system redesign and finding new ways to identify the best care delivery models that would impact value, cost, populations and gaps in performance. Aiming for a successful career in healthcare requires me to develop and maintain both technical and managerial competencies. Enhancing my leadership capabilities to influence, mentor, communicate and build consensus are essential elements are strive to
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