Hello, Everyone ! Today 's Post Is A Little Long, But Bear With Us ! Essay

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Hello, everyone!

Today 's post is a little different and special. Since it 's Bryan and I 's third anniversary, we decided to write about our story from our different perspectives. This will probably run a little long, but bear with us!

Bryan 's perspective

This is a really exciting week for Bryra (Bryan+Ayra)! Today marks Ayra and I’s three years anniversary (super exciting on its own), and what makes it all even better is that I get to go home to her tomorrow, God willing! Before our much-anticipated reunion, I think it’s a good time to reflect on the past three years and see how we’ve come to be the Bryra of today. Fair warning before I start: my writing isn’t nearly as eloquent as Ayra’s so please bear with me, I’m an engineering major after all!

Let’s go back…. way back.

My love life leading up to Ayra was a train wreck, to say the least. I had feelings for this one girl, E, for a long time. During junior high (Odessa had junior high, not middle school, at the time) I tried very VERY hard to get with E, but it never worked out since she always had other boyfriends. I would repress my feelings for her and like other girls while E had boyfriends, and that wouldn’t work out either, so I would go right back to E when she became available again. My momma always told me I had zero game because I tried too hard, but I didn’t believe her. High school went mostly the same way, but finally when I was a senior I had enough, and I let E go for good. I felt so defeated since I
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