Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House

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Henry Ibsen 's play, A Doll’s house, revolves around characters whose love in marriages differs from the average relationship. The two main characters, Nora and Torvald, have issues of love which Ibsen portrays as deceptive in the eyes of readers. The story involves a selfish action Nora takes to help save ill Torvalds life, which later under a serious agreement she falls into trouble with risking the marriage. Readers learn that she loved Torvald and would exceed limits to save him. From Further examination, readers learn love from the eyes of Torvald. He uses Nora for a desirable purpose which helps readers understand their behaviors and miscommunication. Both characters did not marry for love, but rather lacked uncertainty and true …show more content…

Torvald being sick gave her a chance to explore a place she could not explore while young since her parent provider passed. This led her to risk a loan and forge a dead person’s signature, a serious offense. Her actions were seen quite different from what other women during her time would do. In the article, Women of the Middle Class, the author claims, “The wife not contributing economically to the family finances, there was a definite lessening of her status in society,” (page 1). She wants to show strength of her worthiness as a woman, however, love involves not being selfish in a relationship. Torvald is no less selfish once readers learn about his language he directs towards Nora. He calls her with animal names which are disrespectful to another person regardless of relationship. In another instance, he mocks Nora who likes money, to show his masculine dominance. “What are little people called that are always wasting money,” (page 929). His attitude reflects what he thinks of Nora, and his position with respect and income to show dominance. Marriage and love should connect with each other; however their marriage does not share agreement or sharing, like Torvalds money. Calling one little, or hiding a truth behind someone’s back disrespects what Nora did as love for Torvald, and how Torvald treats her back. The husband and wife role in a relationship challenges each other rather than sacrifice for each other because of gender roles.
Further in the play,

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