Henry Ford Industry Research Paper

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Henry Ford and the Expansion of the Ford Industry Ford, the name almost every person in America associates with the successful car industry. However, not everyone understands how Henry Ford made the world wide business as we see it today. Nearly a century ago Henry Ford and his son Edsel procured blazing success for the Ford car industry from 1920 to 1924, to end up re-nurturing the flickering flame from 1925 to 1929, while also benefiting and promoting other industries of the time. When the Ford company entered the 1920’s, they were struggling to get past financial difficulties. To buy out minority stockholders and to begin work on a new factory on the Rouge, Ford had to take out a sixty million dollar loan. The deadline for repaying this …show more content…

They even made sure to secure several miles of railroads to transport their materials back and forth (Geldermen). Edsel invested his time and money in ventures that he thought would benefit others, including the Roscoe B. Jackson Cancer research Center in Bar Harbor, Maine (Bak 128). According to “The Age of Automobiles”, the demand of cars created a demand for more and longer roads. This resulted in the first large scale concepts of highways. Along with highways came the conveniences needed to accompany longer trips. These being gas stations, motels, and the first “fast” food shops. The huge amount of cars that Ford and their competitors were putting out had to have these accommodations or else sales wouldn’t nearly be as high as they were. Geldermen also explained the rise of the timber production, the surge of sawmills, the increase of freighters to carry the materials, and the demand for glass-work were due to the cars being produced. “The Age of Automobiles” also suggests that vacationing and traveling increased productivity in places most visited. Understanding how the Ford automotive company rose and fell can help see how the businesses were always changing in the 1920’s and how a strong business can last for a very long time once a dedicated person establishes it. Overall the Ford company almost always increased in size. The cars produced by this company are still iconic in today’s world and show a past of determination. Why walk when you can

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