Henry Ford Started the Car Revolution

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Henry Ford Who is the person that started the car revolution? Who is the person that introduced us to the world of automobiles? The answer is Henry Ford. Henry Ford was a successful man that created the Ford automobile. Henry Ford’s company is still making great profit in business. Henry Ford wanted to stop World War II by creating tanks, jeeps, and other armed forces but it still didn’t work. Still, Ford’s automobiles were affordable and he became a very rich and a well-known man. Henry has achieved the creation of the V8 engine and was able to build the model T in 24 seconds with the assembly line that he introduced. Because of the assembly line, there were people that called him Liner. These are only two of the many achievements that Henry Ford had. Henry Ford’s life was an unexpected journey for both the people and him. Many events occurred to him that changed his life such as becoming very wealthy. It was hard for Ford to start from the beginning. Henry Ford’s early life was a life that wasn’t expected from a noble man such as him. Henry Ford was born on a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan, in July 30, 1863 and died in Fair Lane, Michigan in April 7, 1947. Henry Ford’s father was William Ford, who married Mary Ford. Henry Ford’s father gave him a watch, which made him later gain the reputation for fixing watches in his neighborhood. In 1879, Henry Ford left home and started his career as a mechanist. He first started operating steam engines, after that he got a

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