Henry Tam & The MGI Team

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Executive SummaryMGI team were left with three weeks to come up with a business plan before the time line for the Harvard Business School (HBS) Business Plan Contest. The seven members in the team comprised of the three founders - Igor Tkachenko, Alexandra (Sasha) Gimpelson and Roman Yukab, Henry Tam Jr. and Dana Soiman of HBS MBA class students, Dav Clark from MIT and Alex Jan Sartakov from Boston Berklee College. The team had little success thus far working together having experienced conflicts and tensions. The root causes identified for the team's process problems were firstly, they did not divide the task into sub tasks. Secondly, there seemed to be a main group and subgroups with no integration. Thirdly, no team leader was…show more content…
The factors are task, people, formal and informal organisation[3]. From the task perspective, the team's task was to write the business plan for MGI. The root cause is that they did not divide the task into sub tasks. As evidenced in the case study, they were brainstorming in an disorganised manner and specific outputs were not determined from each meeting or from individual. Hence there were missing pieces in putting the business plan together. From the people perspective, there seemed to be a main group and subgroups. The main group consists of the three founding members Sasha, Igor and Roman. Dana and Henry formed the sub group with the main purpose of taking part in the HBS business plan while the other sub group consisted of Dav, Igor and Sasha who worked on the technical aspects of product design and patent application. This sounded logical with different skills orientation doing different things but they did not define each other's roles properly hence there was no integration between the main group and sub groups. At the same time, they did not utilise all the team members abilities as well. Henry did most of the job and Dav did not have much to do. Henry and Dana took it all to themselves eventually and they were struggling under the enormous work they had to do. From the perspective of formal organisation, it was equally disastrous. The root cause was

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