Herb Lubalin Graphic Design

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Advertising in the Lubalin and Brodovitch Era
Graphic design started many years ago. Over time, graphic design skills changed, as well as the implementation of ideas. Different designers from around the world practiced design, and each one had their own way. Designers’ experiences helped them to do more modern work. Some of them brought new ideas to graphic design and developed it. There are many professional designers, but Herb Lubalin and Alexey Brodovitch deserve to be known in the history. They bring creative and modern ideas to the art deco movement.
Herb Lubalin was an American graphic designer, born in New York, March 17, 1918 and died March 17, 1981. He entered Cooper Union at age of 17 and he became entranced in the possibilities presented by typography (history graphic design). He practiced his considerable skills and attracted an array of designs when he worked with Sudler and Hennessey for 18 years. Lubalin had his own private studio in 1964 and this gave him the freedom to do a range of projects. Also, he created his first typeface called Pistilli Roman in1964. He worked for magazines published by Ralph Ginzburg: Eros, Fact, and Avant Garde (history graphic design). The International Typeface Corporation was a type manufacturer founded in New York in 1970 by Aaron Burns, Herb Lubalin, and Edward Rondthaler.
Alexey Brodovitch was a Russian photographer and graphic designer, born in Russia in 1898, and died on April 15, 1971 in France. His father was a physician
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