Herbert Vs. Seaver's Diary Of A Harlem Teacher

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Herbert, a coca cola executive uses appeal to logic and historical context to convince Seaver, the author of the book “Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher” to change their slogan “It's the real thing” used by both companies to advertise their products.Seaver replies with references, hyperbole, and sarcasm to state that they aren't changing the books slogan. They both were trying to appeal to their audience, the people who buy Coca-Cola and the book. Whereas Herbert’s letter addressing the issue of both companies using the same slogan. Seavers response is more persuasive due to its use of rhetorical strategies such as references and sarcasm.The letters were made to persuade the audience the who has the right over the slogan that coca-cola used …show more content…

These devices made Seavers letter more convincing to the audience because he made logical points that made sense to the audience. For example, I do agree that it's rare for someone to order a book and get can of Coke by mistake. The use of satire in the letter helps convince the audience that the claims that Herbert's made arents as serious as they seem. They are two very different products that can be advertised with the same slogan and remain different to the public and buyers of them. Also as Seaver explains in his letter, they both have the right to used the slogan they wish to because of the First Amendment. So not only does Seaver have a better argument but also has more logical points than Herbert´s. Ira Herbert attempts to use logic and historical context to convince Seaver that the slogan is for Coca-Cola use only. Herbert tries to address the topic seriously by using logic that “There will always be likelihood of confusion as to the source or sponsorship of the goods…”(10) Herbert addresses this topic to attempt to make Seaver realize that due to the same slogan he can lose money. This device is not effective because the connection is not reasonable. Herbert also uses historical context to inform seaver of their

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