Herman Miller: Star Furniture Company

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Herman Miller’s journey started in 1905 as the Star Furniture Company in Zeeland, Michigan. As recognition to Hermann Miller, who purchased the majority of shares of the company in 1923, De Pree, the president back then, renamed the company Herman Miller Furniture Company. In 1930 Herman Miller faces failure due to the Great Depression. At the same time De Pree meets Gilbert Rohde, a designer from New York, who convinces De Pree to move away from traditional furniture and to focus on products better suited to the changing needs and life styles of Americans. After his death, De Pree hires George Nelson in 1945 as the company's first design director. Nelson introduced a new corporate image for Herman Miller amongst other things. In 1950 Herman Miller becomes the first company in Michigan to adopt the Scanlon Plan, a program of participative management and gain sharing. …show more content…

With nearly 150 dealers, Herman Miller expanded its presence in 1966 to Central and South America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Near East, Scandinavia and Japan and introduces two years later the Action Office system, the world's first open-plan modular system of panels and attaching

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