Hero Vs Perseus

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Introduction: Hook, background information, title of the works, and thesis statement
Body Paragraph 1: Explain how the hero’s courage embodies the definition of a hero
Body Paragraph 2: Explain how the hero’s outstanding achievements embody the definition of a hero
Body Paragraph 3: Explain how the hero’s noble qualities embody the definition of a hero
Body Paragraph 4: Explain why others would be wrong to believe the other hero is the better example
Conclusion: Rephrase your thesis and main ideas, and leave your audience with something insightful

As a child, I, and many other kids had a very loose definition of a 'hero', we had no grasp of the qualities of a true hero: courage, honor, strength, etc. In the story of Perseus, the hero goes on an adventure of gods and monsters showing great courage and strength to defeat the monster Gorgon to save his kingdom and mother. In the story of Odyseus, a man cursed by the gods he forsake uses his courage and battle hardiness to guide his crew safely back home after being steered off course by Poseidon. Both heroes show the qualities in their heroic deeds and actions, they are both wonderful examples of a hero however their stories show us that one is more noble and honorable in his deeds. Between the two stories, The Odyssey, and Perseus, Perseus is the more heroic of the two, just through his reasons and actions throughout his adventure. Mark Twain defines courage by saying "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear -

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