Heuristic Rules For Job Shop Scheduling Essay

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The considered intention in this chapter is finding out the best solution for job shop scheduling problems based on heuristic rules solution, taking into account different measurable performance criteria for the same solution. The objective is achieved by trying to obtain the best sequence of jobs to be processed on machines.

3.2 Methodology
The general framework of the scheduling, which is considered in this project and the methodology followed to examine some heuristic rules for job shop scheduling problem which are described in detail in this chapter. The heuristic rules are proposed and tested in their scheduled performances in benchmark problems. In order to solve these problems, we try to use LEKIN-Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling System to obtain the best results.
The procedure that will be followed by the proposed LEKIN software for solving the JSSP is presented in Fig. 3.1. A comparison between the results of the considered cases will be made to see the influence of weight on the scheduling process. The choice of a schedule is governed by the criteria used to evaluate it.

3.3 Problem Statement A brief description of a job shop scheduling problem has already been provided in Chapter 1. In this project, the size of the considered problem is J×M, where J represents the number of jobs (5) and M represents the number of machines (5). Four rules will be tested on a data set consists of twenty case

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