Hibernation Outline

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1. Hibernation happens in winter and estivation in summer. 2. An organism that lives in or on another organism. 3. Structural you can see, behavioral is what they do 4. herb-eats mainly plants carn—eats mainly animals omni—eats both plant and animal 5. Roots in and out of water. Leaves might need to excrete salt or waste. Won’t rot or mold. 6. natural selection causes evolution to happen over time. 7. natural selection is NATURE at work and survival of the fittest is the RESULT of that adaptation 8. a. wolf decreased b. deer increased c. zooplankton decreased 9. no. Fire needed for seed germination. Flood needed for rice growth 10. biotic—living part of the system abiotic—nonliving part 11. something that “limits”

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