High Morale And Low Morale

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1. High Morale–High Productivity
High morale reflects a predisposition to be more productive if proper leadership is provided. This situation is likely to occur when employees are motivated to achieve high performance standards through financial and non-financial rewards.

2. High Morale–Low Productivity
The situation arises when employees spend their time and energy in satisfying their personal objectives unrelated to the company’s goals. Faulty machinery, lack of training, ineffective supervision and restrictive norms of informal groups can also lead to low productivity on the part of employees with high morale.

3. Low Morale–High Productivity
Low morale cannot result in high productivity for a long period. However, this situation can occur for a temporary period due to fear …show more content…

It is not a flat out idea which can pass on a particular altering. Like the worked 'health', the word 'morale' without anyone else does not pass on any great or negative significance. It must be qualified with the degree, as high morale or low morale. In this way, it is a relative idea. We can just allude to the degrees of spirit. In this way, confidence is the level of excitement and readiness with which the individuals contribute their endeavors towards the association objectives. On the off chance that the energy and ability to work of a gathering is high, we can state resolve is high and the other way around. We can't state that there is resolve or nor spirit among the individual from a gathering. Along these lines, spirit must be qualified like the word 'wellbeing'. Similarly as great wellbeing is fundamental for an individual, high confidence is essential for an association. Resolve is dynamic in nature; Managers can't accomplish high confidence once and after that forget about it for quite a long while. High spirit is to be manufactured and kept up by constant

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