High Rise Buildings : Massive Energy Consumers

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The fact that high-rise buildings are massive energy consumers is a key factor that has influenced the current development of tall building constructions. Their scale and purpose have turned them into dominant components in urban architecture. Architects and engineers have opted to go green as a solution to the dangers of energy consumption posed by high-rise buildings to the environment. As much as tall buildings have played a key role in combating population growth and the lack of space, they have been noted to use massive energy in the way of construction hence causing the overflow of wastes and environmental pollution. Furthermore, they deprive residents of light and natural weather. With sustainability being the main aim, architects and engineers have therefore revolutionized the conventional design to come up with high performance high-rise buildings. The current high performance design comes with benefits such as indoor environmental quality, resource conservation, design flexibility and energy efficiency among several others. However, the design process of a sustainable high-rise building is quite complex. It calls for the designer to have an understanding of the performance of the building in terms of different variables and design factors presented under conflicting conditions as well. As such various professionals such as behavioral scientists, social scientists, engineers, planners and architects among other groups, end up participating in the design process.
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