High School Educational System in Contrast Between Canada and China

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Name: Lily
High School Educational System in Contrast between Canada and China With the development of a progressive and civilized society, education becomes a greater priority. In separate countries, there are distinct differences in the systems and methods by which education is practiced. The Canadian secondary school educational system is different from the Chinese education system in four main areas: the subjects offered for study, requirements for graduation, the authority of the teachers and the physical aspects of the institutions. The first obvious difference in the education system between Canada and China is in the subjects that are offered for study. In China, there are two systems for students to choose in …show more content…

Chinese teachers always emphasize the importance of rote learning and the value of marks. However, Canadian teachers give students more freedom and offer the opportunity to develop their interests. Furthermore, Chinese teachers are much stricter than Canadian teachers. Sometimes, a teacher in China can punish a student by assaulting them, which is due to the fact that teachers in China are held as being above question, while by law. Canadian teachers are not

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