Essay on High School Graduation

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High School Graduation Graduation is an exciting time in a person’s life, especially a high school graduation. For most people their graduation day is one of their best day of their lives. No more high school, and for some it means that they are able to move on with their life and live on their own as well as embark on the independent journey of college. In my case, when I think of family and friends gathering to celebrate a joyous occasion. I feel like I accomplished my strongest goal. It never occurred to me that graduation would be the end of my youth and the start of my adulthood. Graduating from high school was an influential event that gave me an altered outlook on my existence. Although, my graduation day started out not so well,…show more content…
My friend and I were still waiting for our names to be called out, but as were sitting down my friend had asked me, “Can you believe were graduating already?” I replied back, “No it’s hard to believe how were going to graduate high school in less than two days.” Than finally my principal called out my name and handed me cap and gown as I quickly took it and just sat there while I stared at the bright gold color. It’s funny how the simplest things can symbolize a whole new beginning. Second, after I got my cap and gown my friends and I tried it on and took pictures for the last time, than we went to class and talked about what we were going to wear to graduation and how we would do our hair and makeup, and where we would meet up so we could all go together. As our last class ended for the day, I realized how another day was gone and we were a couple days close to graduation day which made me more anxious as well as excited at the same time. As I got home I put my cap and gown in my closet and just stood there and stared at it for a couple minutes as I wondered how fast high school went by and how I would leave all the memories behind and start a whole new different experience in college. As I stood there, suddenly someone knocked on the door. As I opened the door my friend was standing right in front of my porch. I asked her, “what are you doing here?” she responded, “get ready were going to go dress shopping.” I smiled and went back to my
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