High School Student Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes

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Ashley, a high school student diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age sixteen, experienced a potentially fatal incident when a substitute teacher denied her request to go to the school nurse. Ashley’s family was aware of how important it was for their daughter’s school to be kept informed about her diabetes. They worked with the school and the nurse to follow all of the schools procedures and protocols relating to a diagnosis of diabetes. The family worked closely with the school to provide snacks, glucose tablets, and information about how the school could help support Ashley’s wellbeing. Ashley had a diabetic episode during a class where a substitute was teaching. She needed her glucose medication and the substitute would not allow Ashley to get the medication from her bag. The substitute also denied Ashley’s request to go to the nurse. Ashley took it upon herself to go to the nurse anyway. Ashley did not make it to the nurse since her blood sugar was so low. She was found after the class very ill and disoriented and she had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The family was told by a doctor that this could have been a potentially fatal situation for Ashley. Ashley’s family asked the school to prevent this from happening again and make all the necessary parties aware of the medical condition. The school did not feel that they needed to do that and since the school was unwilling the parents hired a lawyer. Their case was based on ADA violations and the
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