High Schoolers And High School

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Think back to when you were a child. While looking around, you often realize all of your friends playing sports are exceptional at them. You are not the ultimate athlete and honestly don’t enjoy sports at all, but you keep playing anyways. All of your friends’ play and your parents have always encouraged you to do well in sports and to be the best. You know there are other opportunities out there for you, but you don’t feel as popular just being satisfactory in school. In today’s world, high schoolers are constantly under pressure to do well in sports, but not necessarily in school. Life lessons, like getting a job or just being an overall good person fly out the window. Central High School focuses too much on athletics instead of academics; this problem can be alleviated through the encouragement of parents to promote academic success and to help set realistic goals.
Parents need to promote academic success at every age and no matter what the student is involved in. One of the problems today is that too many kids are overinvolved in activities, not allowing them to have the proper amount of time to finish homework. Children are constantly under the presumption that sports are more important than doing well in school. They work harder in practice than when doing homework. Parents need to help encourage kids to get homework done, excel academically and to gain the right friends. Many kids wind up making friends through sports and then they feel as though if they

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