High Technology Manufacturing Firm Help Relocate Their Operations From Southern California

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In the early nineties I was recruited by a high technology manufacturing firm to help relocate their operations from Southern California to their new home in Southern Oregon. The owner of the company had a young son that was approaching school age and he and his wife didn’t want the child growing up in an environment they believed was deteriorating due to population growth, gang violence, and the high cost of living. I was involved in the setup of manufacturing equipment and inventory on the Oregon side, and after a couple of weeks we were in a position where the company could begin production and start fulfilling order commitments. The position I held was temporary and upon completion of the move I expected I would make my departure, however the Production Manager who I had worked closely with had touted my abilities to the owner and I was offered full time employment. The owner met with me to discuss his vision of where he wanted the company to be and my place there in some management capacity. He wanted to expand the business, have me go to trade shows, and build the company to where he said, we could all be making some real money. I was a full time college student at the time and expecting my second child, so the compensation, benefits and opportunity were very compelling. Because of class/work schedule conflicts, I wouldn’t be able to continue my education if I took the position. I decided to place my education on hold and take the offer.
I quickly developed the…
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