High Voltage Cable Electrical Test

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LITERATURE REVIEW The high voltage cable electrical test should be conducted to ensure its ability to perform their task in delivering the high voltage. As an example, IPH Berlin has conducted this type of electrical test on the high voltage cable. This test has been supervised by a test engineer from that company. Test has been conducted in high voltage test laboratory and it was carried out using a cable sample. Type tests and electrical test that has been performed on the cable are partial discharge test, bending test followed by a partial discharge test, Tan  measurement at 5˚C to 10˚C above the maximum conductor temperature, heating cycle test followed by a partial discharge test at ambient temperature, lightning impulse test at elevated maximum conductor temperature followed by a voltage test, power frequency voltage test for 4h and lastly is test of resistivity of semi-conducting screen. The other type test but non-electrical test that has been performed are thickness and construction check, mechanical properties of insulation test before and after ageing, mechanical properties of PVC oversheath test before and after ageing, ageing test to check the compatibility of materials, loss of mass test, pressure test at high temperature, test on sheath at low temperature, heat shock test, hot set test for XLPE insulations, water absorption test on insulation, shrinkage test for XLPE insulation and flame spread test on single cable. The other cable testing has been
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