Essay on Historical People from the Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era The Victorian era was when Queen Victoria ruled England from 1837 to 1901. This was a time when it culturally changed from rationalism from the prior era (Georgian period) toward “romanticism and mysticism with regard to religion, social values, and arts.” This was also a time of peace in international relationships and economic, colonial and industrial growth. The two most important in politics were the prime ministers Gladstone and Disraeli. Gladstone was a liberal and Disraeli was a conservatist. With their different views “they changed the course of history”. The population of England rose quickly in this era and so did Wales. Together they doubled in population and a lot of people also moved from the United Kingdom …show more content…

When Dickens was young his father was sent to prison and he had to leave school to go to work in a factory. This left him without any formal education, but still he was very successful. He wrote many novels and over hundreds of short stories, and also edited a weekly journal for a long time. Dickens became famous when the Pickwick Papers was published in 1836. He was mostly famous because of his humour, satire and how he observed character and society. 1843 Dickens wrote the novella A Christmas Carol, and is one of the most important works ever written. It’s still popular today in every artistic genre. Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde was a writer and poet from Ireland. He wrote famous epigrams, plays and only one novel. He was born in Ireland 1854 and died in France 1900. Wilde´s parents were successful. He spoke fluent French and German and went to university in Dublin and Oxford. After university he became well known in cultural and social circles in London for his intelligence and his magnificent way to dress. In the beginning of the 1890s he wrote his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Grey. He also wrote drama but his first play, Salome, was not allowed in England because of the prohibition of Biblical subjects on stage. At the height of his career he was sentenced to prison for gross indecency. This was at the same time that his masterpiece, The importance of being earnest, was on stage in London. When he was released from prison he left for France

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