Historical Study: David Gulpilil

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Part 1 historical study (recount)

Q1 of P1
Craig Ruddy was born on the 8th of August 1968 in Forestville, Sydney. In the late 1980’s craig studied design and fashion. Craig has worked as a landscape gardener, designer,art director and is now a painter/artist.

Q2 of P1
This portrait is of David Gulpilil. David is an actor and is one of Australia’s top Aboriginal actors. David is in over 10 movies including “Crocodile Dundee”.

Part 2
Q1 of P2
Facial Expression –
In this portrait David has a blank expression or sad expression on his face. You can see this from his eyes as they look sad.
Gaze – David looks as if he is looking into the distance.
Costume –
David is not really wearing a costume in this portrait. He doesn’t have a shirt on and
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