History And Background Of Keller Williams

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History and Background
Keller Williams Realty is a real estate broker founded in 1983 with 46,189 employees. It’s headquarter is located Austin, Texas, although it is a national brand (Keller Williams Realty, 2016). Keller Williams ranked third for top real estate firms in 2011 with 13% market share (Lazich, 2014). Keller Williams allows for realtors to essentially become small business owners and create their own team and build a brand. The Fry Group is a team that has capitalized on this opportunity. The Fry Group is comprised of a husband and wife team, David and Monica Fry, that have been in business since 1993 (Fry, 2000). They act as the listing realtors alongside a Marketing Manager and Buyer’s agent as well as administrative support. Their current customer base includes about 500+ contacts that they have previously done business with. Their main competition includes: Edina Realty, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, Zillow and Trulia.
The Fry Group Strengths
Keller Williams brand has many strengths that play into how successful they have been in the past 33 years. They have existing brand recognition on a national level that allows small teams to gain trust and confidence in the team. Keller Williams prides itself on the strong network they have created throughout the nation. They even have multiple Facebook groups for teams to connect and bounce ideas off of each other. One example of this is the “Top Producer” group. This group is an additional resource for their widely…
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