Camp Bow Wow: Example Of Good Management And Leadership Skills In Business

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The experience of CEO of Camp Bow Wow is an example of good management and leadership skills in business. Even though, the CEO had to go through different difficulties, she managed to succeed in the area she is passionate about and the business continues to grow. The story behind the Camp Bow Wow can be used as a guide to achieve success. This paper will discuss two most important things explained in the videos. The first important advice from the videos is that everyone in the company should be on the same page. Every employee or franchisee should be aware of how the company got where it stands now and what is the company’s vision. In order to achieve that the culture in the organization needs to be creative and innovative. The strategy should …show more content…

The CEO of the Camp Bow Wow claims that it is the best way to make people committed to the organization and its goals. The key objective here is to let everyone in the company communicate their ideas. As each person has different set of skills, different experience and different view, they can come up with different amazing ideas that otherwise would have never been discovered. The employees of the organization are the great source of new creative ways to approach business, new products or even new strategy. However, it is essential to remember that there needs to be balance between the new ideas offered by employees and what is better for the brand. This point is important, because any business at some point should come up with innovative ideas to at least keep stable profits. The world is changing every day and business owners should react quickly and adapt to the new circumstances. Usually, people working on different levels of organization are most familiar with their particular field and can offer new ideas for development and growth which the CEO or anyone from another department would not be focused on. The best ideas usually appear throughout discussion and healthy conflicts; therefore, it is important to make sure that employees are empowered to speak up. Overall, a good leader should be aware of many different strategies and should be flexible in using them. The two points discussed above

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