History And Development Of The Organization Essay

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Answer 1. Organization profile basically contains brief data about the history and development of the organization, the execution history and foreseen execution later. It also shows the financial and physical resources of the organization also several human capitals. The process of forming an organization profile starts from gathering information about the organization to knowing strength and weakness. The process is explained below with steps: 1. Audit your organization 's central goal, vision, theory, and center qualities. • Recognizing the goal, vision and mission is the first step. • Work on organization’s present culture. 2. Collect brief information of the organization, which includes: • When, Why and Who established the organization. • Full proof examination of the present position of the organization. • The past incident happened with the organization that has effected the organization. • The position of the organization in the market (Stock Market). • Description of organization structure. 3. Close examination of the organization, which includes going through: • Strength. • Weakness. • Threats. • Opportunities This can be done using SWOT analysis, compiling all this information gives a clear picture of an organization which is called an organization profile. All the information needed can be obtained in many ways. Thanks to the internet. All the stock market information of the organization can be obtained online. A little observation of the organization from

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