Hrm 560 Managing Organizational Change

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Assignment 4

Colleen Arnold

HRM 560 Managing Organizational Change
Strayer University
Dr. Adrian Allen
March 14, 2015

INTRODUCTION This management plan is based on Frontier Communications, and how Human Resource policies and procedures that are currently in place need to be changed. This plan will introduce areas of change that need to be implemented right away. Moreover, by using the eight stages of Kotters Process of Creating Changes can better help me to implement such changes. In doing so implementation of change and imitative of these procedures to expand the quality of service the company wants to achieve, by recommendations to upper management.
1. Describe the organization in terms of industry, size, and history. The company that I will be reviewing is Frontier Communications. The company is in the telecommunications industry and currently employs approximately 17, 400 people. The company is all United Stated based with employees serving customers in 28 states. Frontier Communications began in 1935 as Rochester Telephone, then becoming “Citizens communications” and currently as Frontier Communications. Frontier still has it offices located in Rochester New York though the main headquarters are currently located in Stamford Ct. the Company offers phone services with internet broadband, and satellite services as well as security solutions. Frontier Communications services both residential customer and businesses as well.

2. Describe
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