History Of ISIS

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Middle East, Syria,Iraq- A militant group known as ISIS ( Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant) has caused terror among countries. This militant group contains 30,000 extremists from 80 different countries.The tyrant militant group has been spreading terror across the middle east. ISIS mission is to control the middle eastern nations of Syria and Iraq and follow rules that are according to the islamic laws.To put these laws into action, Isis has performed many gruesome acts such as mass murderers, kidnapping innocent civilians, and tortured members of religious background, executions. ISIS operations. Abu- Bakr al Baghdadi leader of the militant activist group and Abu-Musab al Zarqawi and founder both transformed ISIS into a worldwide terror activist group. Abu-Bakr al Baghadi leader of ISIS is known to be a lawless and suicidal killing activist . Zarqawi a twisted mastermind known to bomb hundreds of people in Syria and Iraq. Both of them sending messages to the world in violence.…show more content…
We will stand with the Syrian people or their oppressors”. president Barack Obama Canada and the U.S are sending troops and sending millions of kilograms of artillery to Syria and Iraq to help fight of ISIS so far canada has U.S containing the militant group in Syria and
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