History : The United Parcel Service

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HISTORY: United Parcel Service started in Seattle, Washington in 1907. The original name was American Messenger Company until 1919. The founder Jim Casey and brother George, along with friend Evert worked as messengers, carrying notes, delivering food, running errands and to know surprise delivered some packages. They used streetcars and bicycles for longer distance travel. Later, the means for transportation would be that of a motorcycles. They landed their first major contract with a local department store and that was the birth of UPS. In the beginning UPS had many challenges with communication and effectively succeeding in all areas of the services provided. They went on to focus on just delivering packages to major department stores. Although word of mouth gained them recognition the structure of their mission and niche gave them the idea to have all employees wear uniforms and today all transportation means carry the logo. UPS has gone on to be the world largest delivery company and prides itself on being a global leader. Leaders are born, yet managers are developed with the right guidance, given opportunity, a will to learn and a stage to perform. MISSION: United Parcel Service mission is to grow global businesses and offer excellent service. They carry this mission out by consistently expanding the services , gaining a larger globalized customer base and with great diligence seek to find new outlets for capital gain. UPS embraces diversity and encourage great

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