How Did Hitler Get The Germans

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Have you ever wondered how Hitler got the germans on his side, or how he started anti semitism throughout the country. Anti Semitism is the prejudiced against Jews. He killed up to 6 million Jews in an event known as the holocaust. Hitler was a ruthless dictator that tried conquering the world during world war two. He killed anyone in his path and took never took no for an answer Hitler’s leadership was significant throughout Germany because he got German Nationalism started in the country, He destroyed the weimar republic and rebuilt a dictatorship in Germany with the help of the Nazis , And made the majority germans anti semitic.

Hitler gains Germans Trust
Hitler used many tactics to get Germans on his side. One of those was speeches in his early career he speaked at beer halls about the problems with Germany and how they could fix it. He was considered as a great speaker and had the power to persuade people. Another thing hitler displayed riskiness, he remilitarized Rhineland, which was against the treaty of Versailles. (openlearn team, Hitler's rise and fall: timeline) The German people disapproved of the treaty of Versailles and when hitler said he would get rid of it the people started to place their trust in him. This was very risky because Germany at the time didn’t have the army to take on stronger countries like France and Great Britain. It showed that he wanted the country of Germany to succeed and people thought that this was

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