Hofstadter's Idea Of The Paranoid Style Analysis

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Journal 3:

Concerning Hofstadter's idea of the “paranoid style,” I believe there is still some relevance in relation to our modern day, political atmosphere. From reading this piece, I perceived that, perhaps the most prominent tendency of “paranoids,” is to blame defeat, failures, and negative outcomes on scapegoats who may or may not have way less impact on our government, politics and country than what the “paranoids” essentially claim. This can be seen when McCarthy blamed an entire period of failure and recession on John Marshall. Still today, people blame our country’s problems on foreign entities, but perhaps not on as large and significant scales. Currently, there is a faction in the United States that blames the outcome (with a negative connotation) of the 2017 Presidential Election on Russia and their interference. Whether this is true or not, it is still a conspiracy that places blame on someone other than our own people. On a deeper level, America, Americans, and smaller factions in America, in more recent times, have not routinely attributed our downfalls, defeats and political issues on groups trying to supposedly infiltrate and take over our government from the inside out. Rather, if I understand correctly, we tend to criticize and blame our politicians and leaders for their own downfalls and
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I feel like I, as a student have adjusted to the atmosphere and academic expectations of the class from what I was normally used to. Progress wise, I believe the instruction has been more than sufficient and helpful. I appreciate all the mechanical help and lessons on the key elements and components in our paragraphs and essays, for instance, how to successfully and technically construct a paragraph in an essay. I also appreciate how our class resembles and incorporates parts of the socratic method, in which we all closely read and consider a piece and discuss the meaning, our perspectives and analyze key
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