Hokey Pokey Business Plan

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Goal #1 Restorative: Student will engage in the “Hokey Pokey” with mod A requiring mod verbal and tactile cues to improve occupational performance in ADLs within 2 weeks.
Goal #2 Compensatory: Student will utilize the adaptive strategies independently to assist in differentiating L from R to increase occupational performance in ADLs within 2 weeks.
Treatment session for Disorder 1 The OTA and student will be in a quiet, open room, free of distractions. The OTA will then educate the student on an adaptive strategy to help distinguish between L from R. The OTA will have the client hold up their fingers to where the thumbs are abducted and the rest of the fingers are extended out. The OTA will then use hand-over-hand to indication to the student …show more content…

Verbal and Tactile cure will be give PRN throughout the game. By using this game it will help the student to use their adaptive strategies to determine their L from R, which would in turn help their overall occupational performance.
Chosen Disorder 2: Color Agnosia
Goal #1 Restorative: Client will be able to identify the colors of matching card game mod verbal and tactile cues within 2 weeks.
Goal #2 Compensatory: Client will be able to use adaptive strategies mod I to categorize each lip stick color to help in daily grooming within 2 treatment sessions.
Treatment session for Disorder 2 The OTA and the client will be sitting down at a table, free of clutter and distraction. The OTA will set up the matching game. Then the OTA will instruct the client to match the colors, but each time a card is picked up the client must say the color aloud until all the cards are matched.
Following the game, the OTA will help the client to compensate for her inability to identify the colors by having her make labels to put on each of the client’s lipsticks. The client likes to keep a clean and professional look for her job. By having the lipsticks labeled will help the client to be able to complete her daily grooming while putting on the correct shade of lipstick each day for

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