Hy 311 Final Project Business Plan

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Our group is planning to incorporate many different innovative energy, park, and transportation solutions into our city. One of these solutions is the Hyperloop, which currently is an experimental travel solution that costs four billion dollars less than the proposed California high-speed electric train plan (10 billion vs. 6 billion). It is also extremely fast, expected to be able to get someone from downtown LA to downtown San Francisco in 30 minutes. It also is powered by solar panels and when there is a lot of daylight it will make more electricity than it uses. Our second innovative solution is that we want to have solar panel roads. These two will add up to be a big source of electricity in the city. For city services we plan on focusing highly on education and police force. Our biggest concerns are traffic, health, police. education, and fire solutions. Traffic is our biggest problem because if…show more content…
We have solar panel shaded bike paths so pedestrians do not get hit by cars. Most of the roads will be underground aswell eliminating the factors of people getting hit. We will have places for people to hang out and watch sports at the sports bar, and shop at the open market. Parents can have a drink, while there kids play at the arcade. Or you can go from train car to refurbished train car were there will be little shops and restaurants. Our public spaces will improve the quality of living, because of the transformation of a run down gas station, and a rusty train yard into a clinic and market. The clinic will provide emergency healthcare, and vaccinations. One of the good effects our spaces will have on the environment is the clearing up of chemicals in the train yard. Still, we may remove animals from their homes, if anny have made homes in train cars. Many of our solutions are focused mainly on an older group of kids, or younger adults. But the clinic will help anyone from any
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