Essay on Holden Commodore Marketing

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Marketing plan for “HOLDEN COMMODORE”

Executive Summary: The company which I have chosen is Holden and the product is Commodore. Holden is the Local Company of Australia. This company had successfully completed its 60 years last year in 2008. And at this occasion company had launched the limited edition of Holden Commodore SS V-Series 60th anniversary. The marketing planning is done on the basis of the information provided by the company on the websites, news articles, broachers and journals. This marketing plan covers all the information like mission statement of the company, the situation analysis of the company and the product. The analysis is done both with the internal and the external environment taking into consideration the
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The “Lion and Stone” logo was designed by “George Rayner Hoff in 1928. At present holden manufacturing plants, showrooms and service centers are located all over Australia, and have a good dominance over the market of Australia. The main business of this company is manufacturing and supply of cars, engines and automobile parts (holden, n.a.). Holden cars and engines are also exported outside Australia but under the brand name of Chevrolet or other brand names of general motors. At present more than 13,500 employees are working with Holden. Holden not only specializes in cars but also built engines. The other companies which are associated with Holden are: Holden Special Vehicles; Holden Leasing; Saab Australia (holden, n.a.). This company has been Australia’s top selling car company and the product which I have chosen for the marketing research “Holden Commodore” is the top selling car of the country since 1996. Commodore comes in different variants and models. This company has completed its 60 years in 2008 and on this occasion the company had launched the limited edition of Commodore which is Commodore SS V-Series 60th anniversary (drive, n.a.).

Mission Statement: “Our vision is to be Australia’s most successful automobile company with a passion for excellence and absolute commitment to the customer.” (holden, n.a.).

Situation Analysis: a. Internal Environment: • Products: Holden’s main products
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