Holes(Louis Sachar Shows the Importance of Friendship in Times of Adversity

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“Holes” shows the importance of friendship in times of trouble and danger. Discuss ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar is a phenomenal and superlative narrative. Entwining three remarkable stories from diverse generations and genres, Holes demonstrates immensely proficient writing dexterity, explicitly depicting the significance of earnest and genuine friendship in times of life’s trials and tribulations. This is exemplified when an averse and apprehensive Stanley and a despondent and barely conversant Zero develop a friendship. Founded on mutual solicitous understanding this friendship carries them through ominous and precarious times. Madame Zeroni and Elya Yelnats are two characters further used to demonstrate the ineffable importance of …show more content…
When Elya had seen Myra he fell profoundly in love with her, despite the fact that Myra was beautiful she was also extremely imprudent but nevertheless Elya refused to acknowledge this. Elya had nothing to offer in exchange for her hand and was exceedingly distressed. When Madame Zeroni heard Elya speak of his love for Myra she was infuriated but even more so when she heard of Elya’s nuptial plans. Madame Zeroni had great hopes for him, she yearned for him to go to America and make something of himself. She had told him “Like my son. That’s where your future lies. Not with Myra Menke.” (p.30) Irritated, Madame Zeroni strived vigorously to convince Elya against marriage to Myra “...can she milk a cow? No... Can she have an intelligent conversation? No... Can she look after you when you are sick? No......... She is silly and foolish...So she is beautiful, so what?”(p.30). Madame Zeroni was exceptionally aggravated, she didn’t stop there with the defamations, she even told him Myra’s head was ‘as empty as a flower pot,’ (p.29) but Myra’s futility was inconspicuous to Elya who was only fifteen, immature and naive. Madam Zeroni ostracized seeing Elya dejected and against her better judgement she decided to help him. She gave him a piglet and instructed him to carry the piglet up the mountain and sing to
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