Holocaust Museum Reflection

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The Holocaust Memorial Museum is located at Miami Beach, and survivor think that is a great place for the museum to be in there since almost all of survivor live in that area. My experience in there, was very knowledgeable because I did not that it was a huge history about what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews people. I went with my Cultural Pluralism Class and I noticed of the wall of the Museum it was brief writing about Jews History. Also there is an arm and in that part of the museum they have writing the names of all people who die in the concentration camps, around the arm was a little lake with flower and I think that people can go and seat in there to meditated because it looks very calm. In addition, when I looked to the memorial I think is basically a cemetery with no graves with names of individuals ungraded. Also, the museum has more sculptures that represents different histories and feelings, and almost of the sculptures were made with a stone from Jerusalem. The museum is a good historical experience because visitors can hear speech of survivor and one of the survivor that I saw was Victor Farkas, he shares his history with my class. He said that he lost his father, when he went to the labor camp because the Jews can’t go to the army, and with a young age he was in charge of his family. Also, he said when he got in there concentration, he thought this it, and I think when thought that is because he probably thought that he gone die. Cultural Diversity The

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