Home Automation Using Android Mobile Via Bluetooth

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Home Automation using Android Mobile via Bluetooth Raghav Shaileshbhai. Patel Institute Of Technology, Nirma University Roll-No: 15BIT036 B. TECH- IT (2nd Year) At &Post : Ratanpur,Ta : Idar, Dist : S.K, Pin : 383430 Email: Jaydeep Ram Institute of Technology, Nirma University Roll-No: 15BIT045 B. TECH- IT (2ndYear) At: udhna, Surat. Pin:394210 Email: Abstract: Now a Days all people like to use a technology, in this project we try to make Home appliance system which will be controlled by personal smart phone via Bluetooth. In This Paper we try to explain whole circuit, all components which we will use, and how the system works. Introduction: …show more content…

I. HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION: A. Power Supply First power comes from 240v,59 Hz Ac supply. We cannot apply those power directly to Arduino. Because capacity of Arduino is 5v Dc Supply. so in first we need to level of voltage down from 240v to 5v. in second step we need to convert AC current to Dc current. The block diagram is shown below. B. Arduino Arduino Uno is used to in this project. Arduino/Genuine Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P (datasheet). There are 14 pins for doing the input output operations. There are also various other buttons like the reset button the USB connector. We can connect it to the computer and can program. You can tinker with your UNO without warring too much about doing something wrong, worst case scenario you can replace the chip for a few dollars and start over again. C. Bluetooth Module (Hc05) Bluetooth Module is very important part of this circuit because by this only we communicate between cell phone and Arduino. In this circuit we us hc05 Bluetooth module. Bluetooth is a technology that can be used for the wireless data exchange. It uses the short wavelength radio waves. It creates its own area network. The figure of Bluetooth module hc05 is shown. D. Relay As the output of Arduino is not sufficient to operate different home

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