Homeschooling Is More Appropriate For Today’S Student Due

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Homeschooling is more appropriate for today’s student due to the increase in bullying, peer and social pressures due to fitting in, overcrowded classrooms, and too much government regulations. Homeschooling offers more real-life, hands-on field trip type experiences, and more personal instruction. Unfortunately, bullying, peer pressure, and overcrowded classrooms for both student and teachers are in every school no matter if it is a public school, private, or charter school.
Bullying is one of the top reasons parents choose to homeschool their children. A study was done by Dorothy Espelage (2016) that found “Students who reported increases in bullying also reported a decrease in school belongingness and teacher affiliation, and …show more content…

“Crowded classroom conditions not only make it difficult for students to concentrate on their lessons, but inevitably limit the number of time teachers can spend on innovative teaching methods such as cooperative learning or group work or, indeed on teaching anything beyond the barest minimum of required material” (Burnett, Rivera-Batiz, & Marti 1995 p. 1). Students will disrupt the teaching atmosphere because they just don’t want to learn or just don’t understand what is being taught. So, what better way to not learn when the teacher can’t teach. There are some schools out there that “Students find themselves trying to learn while jammed into spaces never intended as a classroom, such as libraries, gymnasiums, laboratories, lunchrooms, and even closets” (Burnett, Rivera-Batiz, & Marti 1995 p. 1). Some states are having a problem with distinct social issues, poverty, international exchange students, or just plain out economy growth do to jobs coming into the state. All of this will lead to overcrowding of the school systems.
Unfortunately, all of this will lead up to low-grade point average and poor grades on the national test score that the state and government require. When Grade Point Average is affected, then their chance for college administration and scholarships is in danger. According to C. Winstanley (2009), “a lack of challenge, difficulties with

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