Hook-Up Culture

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The expansion of the “hooking-up” era on college campuses has been drastically increased in recent years. In the book, Hooking Up – Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, Kathleen A. Bogle explores the new sexual culture though real life stories and interviews of college aged students. Once centered on the initial concept of the “calling” script, many young people have chosen to adopt this script of “hooking-up”. In this paper, I will define the concept of “hooking-up”, explore the social forces of its emergence, and introduce the several connections between gender and social behavior expectations in today’s day and age.
In recent years, the exact definition of the term “hooking-up” has been one that has puzzled many individuals.
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The third way the college culture can impact the hooking-up between students is the increase of students with similar class backgrounds. When students go away to large universities, they can often find large numbers of potential hook-up candidates based upon their similar characteristics. Parental guidance, which is more prevalent in high school, could contribute to this hookup culture emergence on the college campus due its absence.
Within the hooking-up culture, I was able to identify several connections between gender and expectations of social behavior. The first connection would an individual’s knowledge of their sexual script. Men and women are expected to not only know their own sexual script, but also be able to identify the sexual script of the other gender. The second connection I could see between gender and social behavior within the hook-up culture is the stereotypes for men and women. As seen in the book, the male stereotype describes them to be able to move forward and onto another partner with no emotional attachment. The female stereotype pictures women as looking past a hook-up and expecting a relationship to come about. These stereotypes can cause us to judge others based our perception of these script norms and not at the individual level. The third connection I could find were the roles each individual plays in a hook-up culture. Similar to that of the dating script, men are said to have more power in the hook-up culture and are
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