Horizontal Violence And Its Effects On Nursing

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Horizontal Violence: A Detriment to Nursing Typically, when someone thinks of a bully, childhood memories of scuffles on the playground come to mind. Bullies are not usually people that are associated with adult life. However, nursing has changed this stereotypical view. For many nurses, bullying may be as great a threat every day at work as it was when they were in grade school. This threat is because of what is termed as horizontal or lateral violence in the workplace, and it is a surprisingly, prominent issue in the field of nursing. Furthermore, horizontal violence is a detrimental problem in nursing due to its damaging and negative effects on nurses and the nursing profession as a whole. The Issue First, it is imperative to…show more content…
23). These actions are all negative, and it is obvious how horizontal violence can have damaging effects on its victims. In addition, with such a wide variety of acts that classify as horizontal violence, it is understandable why it is such an inescapable issue in the nursing profession. History of Horizontal Violence Furthermore, this issue of lateral violence is not new to nursing. For the past 20 years, nursing literature has covered the issue and effects of lateral violence (Patterson, 2007). Moreover, in response to researchers’ exploration of the origins of horizontal violence, theories have been developed. Freire’s theory of oppression stems from nursing’s history during the early 1900s (Purpora, 2012). Historically, nurses have functioned in a hierarchical environment where physicians dominated nurses, and nursing work was devalued compared to physicians’ work (Purpora, 2012). From this perspective, nurses feel oppressed and handle their irritation by averting it toward others, thus creating horizontal violence (Purpora, 2012). Furthermore, this theory’s relevance has been proven in current nursing through a research study finding a positive connection between horizontal violence and nurses’ beliefs and feelings of oppression (Purpora, 2012). Other theories claim that horizontal violence has developed from nursing education (Weinand, 2010). Students must begin competing for top grades in prerequisite
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