Essay on Horizontal Violence

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Abstract Horizontal violence is a negative phenomenon that is increasing significantly in the hospital setting. It is defined as bullying, verbal and physical aggression that occurs to employees in the workforce. Horizontal violence has harmful effects on nurses as it lowers their self- esteem, and makes them feel as if they have no power in their career. This phenomenon also negatively impacts patient centered care and safety as nurses are more vulnerable to making medication errors and careless mistakes. Horizontal violence can be decreased in the hospital setting if interventions are implemented by members of the health care team. Education is key to decrease the occurrence of horizontal violence as it enables health care workers to …show more content…
“The first step in teaching nurses how to decrease bullying by others is to help them understand what to do and what not to do when confronted by a bully” (Rocker, 2008, Education, para. 13). Nurses need to be aware of how to recognize horizontal violence, and how to be able to stop it. Furthermore, Baltimore (2006) explained that nurses need to try and resist the temptation of participating in gossip which could ultimately result in people losing respect for nurses (p. 35). Nurses also need to be respectful and value differences among other nurses. Each nurse is unique and may have different ways of implementing his/her type of care. Therefore, it is crucial that nurses respect these differences (Rocker, 2008, Policy, para. 14). If nurses are able to be consciously aware of these small things, it can make a huge difference on how they treat other coworkers, and how others view them. Not only is it important for nurses to understand what horizontal violence is, but managers of hospitals need to be well educated of this as well. Brunt (2011) stated that managers have a key role in preventing and altering horizontal violence in the workforce. It is important that managers create an environment where staff members feel comfortable coming to the managers with concerns. Managers need to be educated about how to deal with the negativity of horizontal violence (p. 7). Managers can improve relationships, trust, and productivity and reduce tension by
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