Horrors of War

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Horrors of War.

War to me is like a never-ending plague. The reason I say this, is because, I have met lots of people, who went to war for the sake of defending their country. War is devastating to countries and most individuals. Men and women can be left disturbed mentally, physically, and socially for the rest of their lives. But first, let us look at the causes, they are: Culture of violence, Globalization, Use of environmental resources, Colonialism and neo-colonialism, Racial, ethnic, religious, and gender intolerance, Gender injustice, Lack of protection and respect for children & youth, Lack of democracy and just global governance, Belief that violence and warfare are inherent in human nature, Local community violence, and lastly
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The present war has resulted in a lot of the Iraqi people being arrested, often for no more reason than having being related with people suspected of involvement in attacks against certain USA institutions. Many rights normally given arrestees are being denied. Others have been harassed because of their known disagreement to war and policies of cruelty even though they are known to be strictly nonviolent. War robs us of resources that could and should be used in helpful ways. The total for the present war on terrorism, expected to top $1.860 Trillion, are already jeopardizing funds for medical care and for many other needs and programs that benefit citizens and communities (Charles Ferguson). The ways to keep wars at bay is to Educate for peace, human rights and democracy, Counter the negative effects of globalization, Advance the sustainable and reasonable use of environmental resources, Get rid of colonialism and neo-colonialism, Get rid of racial, ethnic, religious and gender intolerance, Promote gender justice, Protect and respect children and youth, Promote international democracy and just global governance, Declare active non-violence, Eliminate communal violence at the local level, and join world religions in transforming the culture of violence into a culture of peace and justice. The thing the soldiers were fighting for was important enough to die for then it was also important enough for
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