Hotel and Marketing Mix Essay

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B629- Managing 2: Marketing and Finance

Problem related to marketing mix and performance measurement

By Yennifer Pereira (PI: A8407709)

August 2012
Word count: 2415
1. Description of my organisation 2. Description of the marketing mix 3. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating marketing mix 4. Solution 5. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating performance management 6. Solution 7. References

1. Description of my organisation
Travelodge is budget hotel brand that was launch on the UK in 1985 and currently operates more than 450 hotels in Ireland, Spain and the UK. The company is growing very fast and is planning to operate more than 70,000
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Processes: Travelodge ensures that all our hotels provides the same process across all the company, by ensuring that customers are deal correctly, that layout looks fairly similar, that we provide same services across the hotels and that we always are providing the correct service.
Physical evidence: This is the evidence that our customer sees when he comes into a Travelodge and sees that staff all in uniform, everything branded, currently this is our main problem that not all the hotels look the same due to the layout and most of then require a brand update.

3. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating marketing mix

Our main focus in Travelodge is pleasing our customers by providing affordable, clean and fresh rooms, but as Travelodge been open since 1985, is difficult to provide the same standard in every hotel, the main problem that we currently have is that our hotels look completely different due to the different refurbishment that we had have over the years, as Travelodge opens a new hotel a new trial runs in that hotel and is use for a few years. Currently when a customer walks into a room in Travelodge they never know what to expect as no all Travelodge’s look the same.
As a customer you expect when you walk into a hotel that will look as similar to the other hotels of the same brand, but when a company has been open for more than 26 years is difficult to maintain the same standard across their hotels. Travelodge is
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